Kenwood KACPS404 Car Amplifier

4-channel power amplifier with 2 ohm load capability and max. 550 W power output
Built-in high and low pass filters and an adjustable Bass Boost at 40 Hz enable you to adjust the power amplifier to the speakers
All connectivity ports are conveniently placed on one side of the massive radiator
The aluminium housing provides optimal heat dissipation
Frequency response: 20 Hz – 50 kHz
Built-in low-pass filter (50 Hz ~ 200 Hz, -24 dB/oct. (B-Channel))
Built-in high-pass filter (80 Hz, -12 dB/oct. (A-Channel))
Bass Boost: 40 Hz, 0 dB~18 dB (B-Channel)
RCA input sensitivity: 0.2 V – 5 V
Power MOS FET switching power supply


4 RCA / speaker level
High-level input for car radios without pre-amplifier output
Signal sensing turn-on